Friday, 26 October 2012

The Perfect Hairstyle...

We all have a favourite hairstyle, be it long and straight or short and curly. Try not to drool too much over the above hairstyles ladies, but they are beautiful, aren't they?! I'm in absolute love with the whole medium length, layered, choppy, wavy, glossy, messy, thick, voluminous (you get it!) 'do. This is the look I want when I roll right out of bed of a Monday morning before school, but we all know, that's never, ever going to happen. Like ever.

Dear Alexa Chung, Millie Mackintosh, Olivia Palermo, Bella Heathcote and Jessica Alba, please chop off your hair and give it to me. Thank you.

What's your favourite hairstyle? Happy Friday everyone, hope you all have had a good week! Just under 2 months 'till Christmas!


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