Friday, 21 December 2012

Cara, Can I Be You?

I love the Delevigne sisters, they're all beautiful and incredibly well dressed. But, is it rude to say my favourite is Cara (shhhh!). If you don't know who Cara Delevigne is, she's a model. Cara's modeled for Burberry, Victoria's Secret showStella McCartney, Oscar De La Renta, Chanel, Vogue (etc.) and she's taken over Ashley Greene as the new face of DKNY. She just seems so natural, down to earth, genuine and funny when I see her in interviews and best of all, her hair, beauty and fashion is always amazing. Very natural, non-glamorous, casual. You'll never see this girl in high heels in the street - always sneakers, skinnies and a tee. Oh, and shes super funny, check out this, this and this for proof :)


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