Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Tuesday Ten: A Guide to An Ultimate Parisian Lifestyle

It's no secret that we all view the French as well-dressed, after all, fashion pretty much began there. Coco Chanel, Oscar De La Renta, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton (among many other famous designers) are all French and all understand the Parisian way of life. I have read some good books that help you to understand that certain je ne sais quoi and here I am today revealing the secrets! There will be a little part two to this post on how to achieve the ultimate Parisian wardrobe (and makeup and beauty kit), which I am very excited to write and I am sure you are all excited to read it too. But for today, we are exploring the Parisian way of life. How they view their eating habits, exercise, hobbies, entertaining guests, interior design and their general outlook on life. There is something about Parisians that everything they do is so romantic, of good quality and plein de vie. Below is a petite guide on how to live the Parisian way of life. Bonne lecture! Click below to read more...

  1. Meal Times - For Parisians, dining is well a priority. It is not just a 'meal at the end of the day' but simply a time of day where the whole family comes together to enjoy a wonderful meal and talks about life while sipping expensive wine. Try not snack throughout the day otherwise, you shall ruin your appetite for the evening meal. Boost the quality of the meals you do have to reduce the craving for snack foods, but when you do, snack on high quality foods. So invite your family over for an evening meal whenever you get chance. However, never deprive yourself a cheeky chocolate every evening, that my friend is tres Parisian. 
  2. Attitude Towards Food - Develop a positive attitude towards eating high quality foods, fine dining, entertaining guests, the presentation of food (always present your food to be enticing) and above all enjoying your meals. We all spend so much of our time eating, we might as well make a fuss of it!
  3. Exercise - Leave your gym, say no to yoga and pilates and forget that morning run, instead, incorporate exercise into your daily tasks. Such as taking brisk walks to the supermarket, walking to work (and take the long route!) or thoroughly doing household chores. The French are never lazy (sooo not chic) and always maintain a positive body image. 
  4. Etiquette - Yes, that meas no phone at the table, nor elbows on the table, use your best manners on a daily basis, always talk with a nice voice and pronounce your words properly etc. By practicing the art of living well every day allows you to develop a taste for fine living.
  5. Clutter is not Chic - Decluttering, cleaning and re-organising your home is a very enjoyable experience. I know from whenever I clear my bedroom, I always want to spend more time in it and put more effort into putting things back in its right position. Analyse which areas of your home require decluttering and tackle it slowly. You want your room to be light, spacious and airy (like this) in order to reflect a good lifestyle. 
  6. Seek Out the Arts - Parisians love music, art, opera, fashion, dancing and acting. Totally immerse yourself in the arts and live a culturally fulfilling life. I think it makes your life a whole lot more interesting and romantic if you (for example) play music throughout your day as a soundtrack to your life, visit art exhibits, attend the theatre regularly, learn to play the guitar or piano, write a book, take painting lessons and generally get creative. 
  7. Cultivate an Air of Mystery - If there's one thing in terms of manners that people nowadays tend to forget, is over-sharing. Twitter and Facebook allow us to write pathetic 'statuses' of no use to anybody. Guard your words and never overshare. Avoid telling people your life story when you first them, instead, talk about the things that you love, that way you seem more interesting and intriguing (while containing a sense of mystery). Remember: take compliments gracefully and always return the favour.
  8. Be Satisfied - No matter if they're rich or poor, Parisians are always (or seem) content and satisfied. They appreciate what they have and the little things in life that make them happy. If you do have troubles or worries, try not to push them onto other people by seeming down or sad. Simply turn that frown upside down baby! Along with the 'be satisfied' point, adopt the ability to laugh (it's the most likeable trait in someone), to be positive about every situation and to generally be plein de vie (full of life)
  9. Never Stop Challenging Yourself - Never let yourself go intellectually. Challenge your little grey cells on a daily basis by reading books (or even writing one) be passionate about the arts (be it painting, music or fashion) and expand your vocabulary. (After reading this of course) peel your eyes away from your computer screen, TV, phone, iPad etc. But, you don't have to pretend your back at school in order to challenge yourself, instead, why not make your next challenge to climb Macchu Picchu mountain in Peru, learning to ski in Switzerland or entering surfing competitions in Australia (in other words, travel the world, you are never to old to learn about new cultures). 
  10. Live for Quality and Passion - Onto my last point, if you wish to lead a Parisian lifestyle, commit to living a life of quality and passion to tune your mind to the concept of fine living. Only buy quality foods, clothes, furniture and other goods, be passionate about everything you do and every experience you have, make the time you spend with your family and friends quality time but lastly be passionate about your hobbie and in new people you meet.
Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this. I am looking forward to writing part two about a Parisian wardrobe. Happy Tuesday!


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