Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Zermatt Summer Photo Diary Day Two: From Randa to Tasch We Go...

Slowly creeping up out of the soft duvets and drawing back the curtains with the sun glistening over the mountain tops is a view I will never forget. This holiday, me and my sister jump started the day with an awakening morning swim and then skipped our way to the restaurant to have breakfast. My breakfast stayed the same throughout the whole trip (it was too good to change even in the slightest way). First it was a bowl of cereal (it gets better), then sausage, bacon and scrambled egg, I then scoffed down two thin crepes slithered with nutella, alongside fruit and and yoghurt. Yes, I was full, full indeed. But that soon dwindled down when we hopped on the train to Randa (about a 10 minute journey away from Zermatt) to walk to Tasch. The walk is about an hour long with beautiful scenic views.

I met a little friend along the way, he loved me stroking his fuzzy nose.

The walk carries through to a golf course, a very swish one indeed!

Then it was evening time, and for that I liked to get dressed up. I wore a Topshop top and bracelet and Zara skirt. The skirt is currently in the sale so nab it quick!

My first night back in my little Zermatt was incredible as always.


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