Friday, 23 August 2013

Zermatt Summer Photo Diary Day 5: Les Marmottes

The last day of my little Zermatt series, I really enjoy writing these posts and can't wait  until my next holiday so I can share it with you guys again! On day five we didn't go too high up into the mountains. It was our hottest day so far so of course we were dying of thirst! We stopped off at one of my favourite restaurants, Les Marmottes for drinks before we headed off the 'wobbly bridge'. I always love walking along the bridge, it's suspended so when the wind blows, you go with it! Also, it goes from one mountain to another and the view is just insane! Then, for our bite to eat we walked down to Blatten restaurant. We enjoyed apricot tarts and chocolate mousse. After a relaxing stop off, it was then time for relaxation by the pool having afternoon tea. Of course, we all knew what was coming our way. Booking our seats on the flight, packing and all the rest of it. So sad to think that yet another holiday is over but we've been spoilt this year with two trips so I should consider myself lucky!

 Les Marmottes is always decorated with lovely details of red.

 They have pet goats which are adorably cute. I name this one Jimmy, I think he suits a Jimmy.

The walk up to the bridge is fun, you go right through the forest and up on this boardwalk, before climbing over rocks to get to the bridge.

And we made it to the top! Here I am with my sister and my mum.

 My Grandad and I :)

 As you can see the bridge is very long and it wobbles as you walk on it, such a fun experience.

Mmmmm, black and white chocolate mousse with cream up at Blatten. I could just do with that right now.

Then, it was our last evening to dress up for our evening meal. 

That's the end of my photo diaries! I hope you all had fun reading them. I definitely recommend taking a holiday to Zermatt, Switzerland. It's such a lovely place that is peaceful, tranquil but still bustly. There's so many adventures to take and hopefully sometimes soon I'll be able to fulfill more. Have a great day!   


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