Friday, 27 February 2015

Burberry AW 2015 Makeup Tutorial (Drugstore Edition)

Another season, another outstanding Burberry show. This year, for autumn/ winter 2015, Wendy Rowe created a very unique take on the classic smokey eye and nude lip. Complimenting the exotic bohemian fashion looks, a natural nude lip and fresh skin was adopted. It was simply stunning and as always, it's very wearable. The look for me feels very 'worn in', in the sense that it seems like you forgot to take off your makeup from the night before - this may not sound attractive, but it's incredibly sexy and feels very Parisian. I for one loved the look so much I recreated it for you guys using drugstore products. Although this sort of thing is probably better off on Youtube, I just couldn't resist. Without further ado, let's get to it!

To begin the look I removed all my everyday makeup using this

Firstly, apply your foundation and concealer; achieving the glow using a complexion perfecter like this and by ditching the powder. Tip: keep it light, fresh and very natural. On some models, Rowe even decided not cover up their small blemishes! Natural at it's peak people! You can see what base products I applied a little later.

Now, for the star of the show: the eyeliner. The look didn't focus on eyeshadow; therefore avoiding a conventional smokey eye. Firstly, apply a relatively thick line of black or dark grey eyeshadow on the top and bottom of the eye (you can be as messy as you want here). Then, thoroughly blend it with a clean, fluffy brush. Keep building it up until you think you're good to go. However, Wendy's main tip when creating the look was always go lower than you think on the bottom lash line, never opt for a mean line. 

Apply eyeliner in the waterline.

For the eyeshadow Wendy did something very creative. To create a unique, and very sheer look, Rowe mixed face primer with black eyeshadow. This gave a very transparent and glossy effect to eyes, creating the sexy and worn-in desired effect. However, I created the same effect by lightly adding this and this and thoroughly blending.

Then, using the Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette, I used a touch of Creep to help blend in the eyeliner and help build up the impact.

The lightest amount of mascara was used as the focus was kept all on the eyeliner. 

Returning back to skin, be sure to apply lots of bronzer. Rowe stated that, especially for pale skinned beauties such as I, it's crucial to warm up your skin as the eyeshadow is so dark and cool-toned. This way, you're avoiding that oh-so on-trend vampire look, right?

For blusher, apply a very tawny colour to the apples and cheekbones.

For the lips, I gently lined my lips for a fuller effect, and then applied a pale pink lipgloss. If you wanted to totally stick to the look, opt for tapping a little bit of this lipgloss onto the eyelids for a high-end appeal.

Here's the look!

Blusher // Bronzer // Tinted Moisturizer // Concealer // Mascara // Highlighter // Lipgloss // Lipliner // Naked Palette // Eyebrow Pencil //  Eyeliner

Do you like the makeup look Burberry chose? Tag or tweet me in any pics if you recreate the look! Thanks for reading!


  1. What do you think of the look? Yay or nay?

  2. Oh, that's gorgeous! And very well timed seeing as tonight is date night. Yay! Thank you for the tips.
    Beth x


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