Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Five Ways to Kick Start Your Morning

Feeling sluggish in the mornings? Try these tips and tricks I swear by to help wake you up and keep you going all day long...

  1. Swap the Coffee for Hot Lemon Water - Although your morning coffee fix may seem the perfect solution to liven you up, think again. Hot lemon water awakens your senses, detoxifies and cleanses the body and skin. It's the perfect morning wake up call.
  2. Read At Least A Page - I suspect I'm not the only person who checks all their social medias the second they peep from beneath the sheets. However, instead, opt to devour your mind in at least one page of your current read. This allows for your brain to get working straight away and instantly awakens you, but in a calm manner. Also, to ensure a better nights sleep, switch off your phone and read your book.
  3. Jump Up and Boogie - This is a great step for those who often wake up on the wrong side of the bed (me? Pshh). Instead of setting your alarm clock to an irritatingly piercing shrill, switch to a happy, peaceful tune that'll make you get up and boogie in a blink. Here are some of my personal faves: Specks of Silver, Can We Stay, Until the Day Dims, Through the Winter and this lovely concentration music
  4. Stretch It Out - The perfect way to kick start your morning is exercise. Be it morning yoga, a run, pilates, a long walk with your dog. This way you will receive a healthy dose of fresh air, witness the sunrise, feel healthy and have a more positive outlook on life. And of course, if it's pouring down with rain you can either do your exercise inside (something like yoga is a very handy option) or enjoy looking out the window aimlessly at the pitter patter of rain. Additionally, if you had a rather restless night perhaps because of stress or worries, exercise is the perfect option to relax you and give you time to think.
  5. Prepare the Night Before - I always pack my bag and choose my outfit the night before as these two things can really take time, and are frustrating to do in a rush. So, prepare yourself the night before and this way, you won't find yourself frantically rushing in a chaotic frenzy in the morning. 

What do you do in the morning to kick start your day?



  1. This is such a cute post, sometimes I feel like I just spend so much of my time rushing around and worrying and my morning routine is just a blur of stress haha x


  2. Your breakfast looks yummy! I have to admit, even though I'm generally a morning person, I am struggling with my morning routine at the moment. I find getting up earlier than you have to helps though - no one wants to feel rushed first thing in the morning!
    Beth x

  3. Yay thank you, glad you liked it. Haha me too - need to practice what I preach!

    Emma x

  4. It sure is - it's a bit of a mix of everything but I love it! Yeh me too, although I have found that setting your alarm about 15-20 mins before you need to get up allows you to fully awaken and still laze around before pulling back the sheets! Hope this helps,

    Emma x


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