Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The A.M and P.M Eye Creams...

Can we get a big "hell yeah!" for eye creams? Without them, we would be lost — wandering around hopelessly, looking just as tired as we feel. But, thanks to these potions, our puffiness, fatigue, and dark circles get to be our little secrets.

The minute my peepers utter a glance at the bleak skies winter brings, I can tell in an instant they're as puffy as that new Prada coat you're wearing. In the evenings, however, they're as dry as cardboard and my dark circles resemble permanent sunglasses. So, I've had more than my fair share of opportunities to test out puff-reducing, bag-demolishing eye creams; the good, the bad - and then I've tried the miracle workers. That's what the two eye creams ahead are - pure miracles. However, they do totally different things, and are better suited for particular times of the day. Here's why...

For A.M: ORIGINS GINZING EYE CREAM - Get up and glow with this brightening and de-puffing eye cream. Perfect to reverse sullen, tired and puffy-looking eyes into their natural, radiant state. It's packed with a proprietary complex of caffeine from coffee beans, Panax Ginseng and Magnolia Extract - proven to eradicate all your eye troubles and kick start the day. On a final note, it's also a great concealer primer.

For P.M: KIEHL's CREAMY AVOCADO EYE CREAM - Although this magical potion doesn't brighten or de-puff, it does work miraculously at hydrating and moisturising the delicate, under-eye area. Expect it to banish wrinkles, repair, smooth and gently moisturise in the tap of a finger. Great for p.m while you Zzz the night away. 

Now, let's not be naive enough to think that a pot of cream alone can fix fatigue. No, it comes down to a combo of out-of-this-world products and some serious application know-how. But by mixing the Origins in the morning, and the Kiehl's in the evening, your eyes will return to their sparkly selves in no time. 

What's your favourite eye cream?

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