Friday, 5 October 2012

Chic Peek: What's Inside My Bag?

Bag - Topshop

What's inside a girl's bag can say a lot about her. It's where she keeps all of daily needs and bits and bobs. So, can you guess what the content of my bag says about me? Click below!

  1. Purse. How can one survive the day without about of cash and a card? My purse if from Accessorize and it's a real essential.
  2. MAC powder and Bobbi Brown concealer. For touch-up's during the day. I have super oily skin so a good concealer and powder is a must.
  3. Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie and Nivea Milk and Honey Lim Balm. Before I touch-up my lipstick I always apply my Nivea lip balm. I find that if I put the lip balm on 5 minutes before I put the lipstick on, everything looks a lot better.
  4. Hair goodies. I always keep a bunch of bobby pins and butterfly clips tied together with a hair tie. I cannot even begin tell you how many times this little bundle has saved me from serious hair hang-ups.
  5. Hand anti-bacteria. I hate it when my hands feel grubby, I get that a lot when I'm at school so when my friend Jennifer bought me this hand sanitizer back from her holiday in Chicago I was rather happy! Luckily, this is purse-friendly size.
  6. Pukka Pad Notebook. I know what you're thinking, isn't that pretty big just for notes? Yes, I guess it is! But I'm always writing notes down, creating lists, doodling, keeping up on schoolwork. Plus, if I've had a day I want to remember (if something significant has happened) I write about it in here whilst I'm having a coffee in Starbucks!
  7. Hairbrush. Another hair goodie.
  8. Perfume sample. I love smelling nice and this L'eau De Chloe sample is great for re-sprays during the day. You never know who might bump in to!
  9. Ted Baker hand cream. Hand anti-bacteria can dry out your hands so it's always a good idea to carry round a moisturizer for afterwards. Plus, I love this smell of this!
  10. Orbit Complete chewing gum. For snacking between meals, for fresher breath and generally for something to do!
  11. Retainer case. Pretty self-explanatory. I had braces, I now have a retainer, I need somewhere to put it when I eat or drink...
  12. Travel card holder. This cute red with cream polkadot travel card holder from Cath Kidston is so cute! It holds my Oyster card and I carry a £5 note in it for when I need a top-up for the trains. It also holds any receipts I want to hold on to.
Did you guess it? Hmmm...I guess I'm a beauty-loving, health-crazed, organized kind-a-gal?! 


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