Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Tuesday Ten: Old Trends Die Hard!

It’s funny looking back, sin't it? Especially on trends. At the time, fads seemed so cool that the thought of them going out of style didn't seem possible. Needless to say, as time would tell, trends die out, leaving those who once enthusiastically embraced them, are slightly embarrassed to admit they were once fans… Above are 10 of my formerly “favourite” fads from my childhood years.

1. Slap Bracelets - This are illegal in schools now!
2. Tattoo-style Chokers - Oh boy, do I remember these...
3. Roll-on Glitter - You could never have enough.
4. Best Friend Charms - I always gave my friends one of these!
5. Scrunchies - No ponytail was complete without one.
6. Butterfly clips - In all different colours, I remember having pink glitter ones.
7. Coke can tabs - No accessory was complete until it was adorned with one of these guys…
8. Brown Lipstick - One word: why?!
9. Spice Girl Inspired Footwear - I never wore these, but my mother sure did!
10. Jelly shoes - Oh, how I loved these! I had a green pair (why green, why jelly?!)

What’s an old fad you cannot believe you loved from your primary school (elementary) or tween years? Let me know in the comments box below...


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