Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tuesday Ten: Makeup Tips I learnt From Pinterest

Pinterest has taught me many makeup tips (in terms of what other people have pinned and the links they've given) so above are just a few tips. If you visit my blog regularly, you're probably fed up with me talking about Pinterest but honestly, it's where I get all of my inspiration from! Ideas for home interior, exercises and stretches, healthy (and not!) food options, hair and beauty ideas, holiday destination ideas, fashion for all occasions, wedding dress and location (yes, really!) ideas and much, much more! But for now, enjoy ten top makeup tips I learnt from pinning.

  1. How to contour for your face's need e.g thin face - I have quite a broad nose so from this, I learnt that you should contour the sides of your nose. It also has tips for if you have wide face, round face, thin face, long nose, broad nose and a square jaw. SEE PIN HERE.
  2. For day, what order you should apply your makeup in - I always apply eye makeup after foundation but after found this pin (originally from The Beauty Department) and tried leaving my eye makeup to the end. I found that the mascara didn't absorb into the foundation (I don't have steady hands!) so there's no case of the panda eyes anymore...SEE PIN HERE.
  3. What shape your eyes are: I found from this that I have slightly hooded almond eyes. Very interesting for the next time I apply eye makeup, I'll apply a strong highlighter in the tear-duct to open up my hooded eyes. SEE PIN HERE.
  4. How to tight-line - Instead of lining the skin above your lashes, line inbetween. SEE PIN HERE.
  5. How to apply red lipstick properly - Start off with slightly damp lips. Line the top lip with red lip pencil and line the bottom lip with a reddish-pink. Then fill in the entire lip with the red lip pencil. Pat some powder on for longevity and then apply red lipstick with a lip brush. SEE PIN HERE.
  6. A natural, subtle, brown smokey eye - So pretty! Can't wait to try this! SEE PIN HERE.
  7. A step-by-step plan on how to pencil in your eyebrows - In the picture, it's not natural enough  I prefer light, feathery strokes but it's definitely helpful with how to fill in your brows. SEE PIN HERE
  8. Where to apply under-eye concealer correctly - Never apply concealer directly under the eyes horizontally, apply just in the corners, in a sideways 'V'. SEE PIN HERE.
  9. Where to contour and highlight - Highlighter brings forward, bronzer (for contouring) pushes in. The picture clearly shows you the difference. SEE PIN HERE.
  10. How to contour, highlight and apply blusher for your face shape - Very helpful! I have a heart shape face. SEE PIN HERE.

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