Friday, 8 March 2013

Current Crush: Lily Collins

I've always loved Lily Collins, her acting and fashion. Her style is so different and mature from any other girl her age (she is 24 next week). Her hair and beauty complements her every look and I love how one day she can dress really edgy and the next very feminine and pretty. Her style focuses a lot on details, texture and colour. She bases her accessories (including hair and makeup) around this. In her most recent look she has perfected the art of adorableness. For the Louis Vuitton fashion show, she showcased her high quotient of cute in a darling gold mini (picture above). A Peter Pan collar and puffed shoulders made the look doll-like and she took things a step further with a classic ballerina bun. Opaque tights were perfectly prim and proper for the short hemline, and a smart choice for winter in Paris. Wine painted glossy lips and dainty gold earrings were the finishing touches. And of course, those brows make a fashion statement all their own. 


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