Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Tuesday Ten: Style Tips and Inspiration For March

All pictures from my Pinterest account, here.

We are already 5 days into March and it's definitely a lot warmer and more 'spring-like' here in London! Hooray! I'm so glad the Winter is over, I love springtime. I got a bit fed up of keep layering all the time and I missed my spring and summer clothes. Now I can finally wear them! Here are 10 style tips from the transition from Winter to Spring...

  1. Go 50/50Mix your favorite autumn pieces with a little spring. A good look is a sheer spring-y maxi skirt with a heavy, leather jacket.
  2. Add a P.O.C - Mix neutrals with unexpected pops of color (also known as a P.O.C.) to give your winter wares an instant update.
  3. Pair Sandals with Sweaters - Keep it casual by pairing these two seasonal staples together for a style surprise: sandals and sweaters.
  4. Clash Your Colours - Like in the collage above, pair blue with yellow. It's really in for March. The colours clash but there's something really stylish about it. Red and green clash and purple and orange also.
  5. Colour Block - Even though it’s still chilly out, you can spring-ify your style by color blocking bold hues.
  6. Crop It! - Pair 90's style high-waisted jeans wit a cute crop top.
  7. Layer A Little Leather - Since the trends seem to always be ahead of the weather, wear your new springtime staples now with a fitted leather jacket for a little added warmth.
  8. Technicolour Tweeds - Almost every high street fashion store is offering up a bounty of colorful tweeds that are the perfect transitional pieces to take your look from winter to spring. They’re warm but bright—perfection.
  9. Accessorize the Right Way - Before things fully heat up this spring and summer, wear your favorite frock with tights for an all-seasons-appropriate look, add a floppy hat that screams spring.
  10. Pastel Pants - There’s no better way to keep your gams warm and stay on trend than a good old pair of pastel or printed pants. It’s a fresh spin on plain denim and a nice alternative to fall and winter’s leather legging.
Hope this helps you all! Thanks for reading, hope you all had a good day.


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