Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Tuesday Ten: Style Influences

I purchased a book on Saturday that made me absolutely re-think my blog. I started this blog off talking about style. No trends, no makeup, no celebrities. I want to get back to that. Personal, individual style is much more important than Olivia Palermo's best outfits or the latest spring trends. Of course, I'll still be writing about the hottest trends but I'll write how you can adapt that particular trend into your own style. Besides, there are so many blogs that do really good coverage on trends. With our own style, we express our ideas of who we are. With trends or 'it' items (e.g a Birkin bag or Isabel Marant sneakers) we become sheep and simply lose individuality and distinctiveness. From now on, I'll be writing a lot more about style and good fashion. Posts coming up will be on the lines of finding your own style, fashion clich├ęs, wardrobe must-haves, how to incorporate trends into your style etc. Let me know if you have any post ideas in the comments section. Here are 10 influences on style...

  1. Style icons/ celebrities - It's good to admire an icon or celebrities' style (like above, I love Grace Kelly) but don't dress like them. If you love Audrey Hepburn, add in a pearl necklace or a black dress. They had they're own style and so should you!
  2. Trends - The media (more on that later) constantly bogs us down with 'what's hot on the runway' or 'the best and worst trends' and strive to convince us that we should wear trends. Firstly, not all trends will suit you, nor will they match with your style. Secondly, it's OK to wear them occasionally (it's good to experiment and evolve your style) but instead of wearing head to toe bright blue (which is a massive this season) just add a blue blazer or a cute pair of heels. Also, it can be a bit disappointing if you dedicate your whole wardrobe to a particular trend only to find that it's soooooooooo two minutes ago.
  3. Holidays/ vacations - Imagine having a holiday in Mexico and dressing like a Londoner. Nope, you'd want to dress in a red, printed fringed top, sombrero and high-waisted shorts. Not to necessarily fit in but it's fun to experiment with their cultural style.
  4. Local area - Here in the UK, girls from Essex dress quite a bit different to Londoner's. Style not only depends on the country you live in but your local area too. 
  5. Weather - Well, you wouldn't wear a Melissa Odabash bikini if you lived somewhere that rained and was cold all of the time. Weather pretty much determines what we wear everyday. I look out of the window most mornings and dress accordingly (so coats, gloves, scarves and a good umbrella that is)
  6. Seasons - Your style is most likely going to change each season. I dress feminine and girly in the Spring and Summer and a bit more grungy and edgy in the Autumn and Winter.
  7. Emotion - This is probably the part where you all go 'ehhh?'. A lot of people, subconsciously, express their emotions through fashion. After all, fashion is an expressive and visual art. If one's life is depressed or dreary at the moment, they are more likely to dress in dark colours with drab shapes to reflect their mood. If I'm in a really good mood, I will more likely dress in bright colours and so on.
  8. Work - It's quite obvious really. Your work style changes from job to job. An estate agent wouldn't wear what a plumber would wear! 
  9. Your shape, size and figure - No, no, no! Do not let this affect your style! Given the abundance of styles available, despite that fashion designers prefer sticks to walk down their catwalk, any woman can find a shoe and a dress that fits her. Learn to see yourself with new eyes, and know how to make the best of your good points. Legs and breasts aren't everything. Emphasize your good features rather than dwelling on your imperfections.
  10. Media - The media encourages and sways us to look and dress a certain way. Sorry, but we can't all look like we just strutted off the spring 2013 runway (although, parts of that would be nice). Ignore silly campaigns and adverts. Dress the way you want dress.
Hope this has helped you all! Sorry that it was a lot to read!



  1. You are absolutely correct! Very inspiring! Thank you very much for the uplifting style message.

    1. Thank you! Aw that's really sweet, that's for commenting :)



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