Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A Life Update:

Hi guys! I have a few things I'd like to tell you all and thought that I should give you a bit of a 'life update'. Firstly, you've probably noticed that my posts haven't been up to scratch lately and that I haven't been posting as much as I usually do, that's all because of boring o' school. We're approaching our Summer (June) GSCE exams (ergh!) so it's about time I got my little bottom off of my computer chair and started revising. I have a chemistry, biology re-take, I.T re-take and a few other mock exams. Yippee...

Also, guess what? I've started sewing! Well, I've been doing GCSE textiles now since last September but I'm getting a machine so I can actually make my own clothes at home, for my own liking, rather than just for coursework. It was Great British Sewing Bee that inspired me and this blog (the writer  Tilly, actually featured on the show) too. I'm buying the machine this weekend, alongside threads, fabrics and dress patterns. What would I like to make? In school, I've already made a sweet-inspired pillow alongside many samples but at home I want to make dresses, tops and skirts. I'm excited to get sewing!

Sorry if I don't blog as much lately, you all know I'd waaaaay rather be blogging than revising but I need and want to do well in my exams (obvs.). I'll still be blogging every now and then but probably just not as much. I usually blog about 6 times a week, so now I'll only be blogging, say, 4 times a week? Wish me luck with my new challenge of making my own clothes. Hope you all had a lovely day, may the nice weather continue!



  1. Good luck in your exams & with your new hobby too. I loved GBSB but not sure that I would have the patience or talent to make my own clothes. My mother was a very good dressmaker back in the day so who knows, it might be in my genes!

    1. Thank you very much! You should try, it's actually very relaxing (when you're doing things right!)

      Thanks for the lovely comment,



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