Friday, 5 April 2013

Beauty Note: Spring Caudalie Skincare Set

My sister and I went on a little shopping spree to Harvey Nich's in Knightsbridge a few days ago. We raided the whole dang shop. We stopped at every counter (we had to drag ourselves away at the Space. NK section). And that's where I saw the love of my life. We've only been together for a few days but I think it's true love. The minute we met, whoa, there were sparks. Every Spring Caudalie bring out this grape scented skincare set. It contains the Makeup Remover Cleansing Water, Beauty Elixir (the small, regular size), Divine Oil, Hand and Nail Cream and the Lip Conditioner. All for an incredible £20, sealed in a very useful clear bag. Click read more to see more...

Firstly, I think the price is incredible for what you get. 5 products (2 of which are their bestsellers; the Beauty Elixir and the Divine Oil) and a cute little bag. I like that Caudalie is a natural skincare brand with no harsh chemicals, also, the products are all mildly scented with grapes. All of the products actually work (I hate those sets that always contain at least one that is utter rubbish) and I've noticed my skin looking and feeling better already. My skin has bright red spots and blemish scars (resulting in dark, grey spots too) but they've been looking a little faded and brighter since I have used these products.

What I like about the Divine Oil (which is my favourite out of the set) is that it can be used on the body, face or hair. I've only used it on my face as of yet but the remains that I have on my hands I smooth on the ends of my hair. You only need a small amount of this product. A little goes a long way. I'll definitely be buying this in a full size. 

This cute little lip conditioner is the product that I've used the most. It's very moisturizing but not sticky (don't you just hate it when your hair get's stuck on your lips?!) which I love. It smells gorgeous too.

I would really recommend this little kit for all skin types. It only comes out every Spring (they make a few alterations every year the lady on the counter said) so get it quick!

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