Sunday, 13 April 2014

I Wish I Was at Coachella.

I hate flicking through Instagram at the moment. One after the other, floods of bohemian girls stand prettily in festival gear, dancing their way under the twilight beside a crowd full of celebrities and music-lovers. Sounds dreamy, right? Coachella is the perfect festival for me; I'm not one for wellies and mud-throwing like Glastonbury. Coachella just looks so perfect; pool parties, Indie-pop music, festival fashion and all-round awesomeness in the midst of the Californian hills. To say I want to be there is an understatement.

Anyway, why don't you all join my in drooling over these incredible snaps from Coachella 2014? Grab the tissues, unless of course you were/ are lucky enough to go.

Instagram: smashleybell
Instagram: kristina_bazan
Instagram: alessandraambrosio
Instagram: poppydelevingne

Instagram: shaninashaik
Instagram: emmyrossum

Hope you enjoyed this fun post! Have a good week!


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