Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Tuesday Ten: Fashion Girl Instagram Clichés...

If you follow the Instagram accounts of enough of the fashion flock, you’ll eventually start recognizing certain cliché shots. I'm the first to admit I've snapped a few! In the interest of getting silly/poking fun at ourselves, I’ve created a faux, day-in-the-life narrative of an imaginary fashionista. Click the links for guilty examples!

  1. An art directed shot
  2. Arm PartyOops! Look at the time (and, incidentally, my collection of iconic rings) better get going!
  3. Legfie - a leg selfie on the beach...yes, really.
  4. Flower shot - #obligatoryfreshflowershot
  5. The 'look-what-I'm-drinking' shot
  6. Mani Cam
  7. The Aggressively Staged Desk Shot - 'cos your work desk really is that beautifully messy
  8. The Pastry Pin-Up
  9. The #Shoegaze
  10. The 'I-just-happened-to-walk-past-a-mirror-looking-fabulous-selfie' - first selfie of the day of course #ootd

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