Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Bonjour Paris!

My third and final vacation of twenty-sixteen was a whirlwind tour of the city of love, Paris, avec mes amis. I love this city for all its sophisticated and minimalistic glory, especially with cool, new urban joints cropping up all over the scene; which although very un-Parisian, make the city an all the better place to get marvellously lost in.

After a painfully early start we arrived at lunch time, found our beautiful boutique hotel and quickly made ourselves very much at home.

Hanging out of the windows immediately to capture the Parisian rooftops against the azure sky.

Hotel Beauséjour (or B Montmartre) is a chic and charming little spot sitting in Place de Clichy, a stone's throw away from the Moulin Rouge and Sacré Coeur. Situated in the 18th arrondissement of Montmartre, this neighbourhood still beholds the beatnik art scene the likes of Salvador Dali, Van Gogh and Picasso had so famously bought in. 

Yet, not only is this hotel in such a fabulous location, with transport links so close by, it also happens to be beautiful inside. I can't describe how wonderfully helpful and kind the staff were, how clean, luxurious and charming the rooms were, and how chic the rest of it was too. Everything, including the great price (if you book directly with them, expect a free glass of wine during your stay!), was perfect and I cannot recommend it enough. 

My sister and her friend has previously stayed in this hotel and upon their good word, we knew it would be a great little spot for my friends and I this year.

Our rumbling tummies could wait no longer and Le Pain Qoutidien was screaming our names. We sipped on raspberry and mint lemonades and devoured smoothie bowls and cakes whilst giggling in the roaring sunshine.

We dedicated a whole day to exploring Montmartre as it's our favourite neighbourhood in Paris, as is it for most.

We visited the Abessess love wall - a blue tiled wall with 'I love you' in all the languages of the world...only in Paris!

Dashing in out of shops, we soon found ourselves underneath the magnificent Sacré Coeur, one of my favourite monuments in Paris. We hiked up what always seems like an impossible amount of stairs, but the view over Paris is well worth it and more.

Behind the Sacré Coeur lies some of the real beauty of Montmartre, a true quirky art scene with meandering alley ways...and the cutest Starbucks ever, which yes, does stick out like a sore thumb amongst the quintessential Parisian buildings.

By the time the afternoon humidity engulfed the city and our feet could take no longer, we flung ourselves on our beds back at the hotel. As tired as we were, the encroaching thought of free wine could wait no more and we popped down to the gardens for a cheeky glass before dinner in a local brasserie, Le Vrai Paris.

Then the highlight of our day had come. We heard prior to our venture across the pond that Hotel Terass has one of the best rooftop bars in Paris, and when we discovered it was just a few steps from our hotel, we couldn't pass on such a perfect opportunity.

This is a fabulous 5* hotel so expect to pay a lot for the cocktails, although if you live in London, these prices won't be too much of a corker! And with the magnicificent surroundings on offer, one cannot complain. I ordered the Elder Bubble - a delightfully refreshing mix of Hendrick's gin, elderflower cordial, jus de citron, cucumber and champagne. 

We arrived just in time for sunset, so of course a full-on photoshoot followed suit, naturally. Yet, although cameras were in hand, we were in such awe at this moment, it was bliss.

The rooftop terrace was incredibly trendy, bustling and lively. We felt as if we were in Made In Chelsea - wonderfully glam and sophisticated. It was saturated with chic Parisians for post-work drinks, romantic couples and groups of friends - all in hope for a spectacular evening in Paris.

The night ended with us diving into our sheets, shattered from a long, hot day in the city. We were part tired, part eager to not waste time in bed when we could be exploring. Yet, alas, that had to wait until tomorrow.

The next Paris photo diary will be up Thursday! Thank you for reading!

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