Sunday, 30 October 2016

10 Coffee Shops in London You Should Know About...

London does pretty fantastic coffee, there’s always a new artisan coffee bar opening up round the corner. Being in London all week, I'm discovering a new café I want to try almost every day. While it's safe to say my list of 'to-trys' is pretty extensive, today I've rounded up just ten of the best independent coffee shops you'll find in London. A few I have tried and tested, but others I am dying to visit since hearing rave reviews. Hopefully this will save you from having to drink very-unoriginal Starbucks coffee in the future!

Covent Garden Grind

  1. Kaffiene - Fitzrovia - Known as having some of the best coffee and food in London, this incredibly popular local proffers plenty of buzz and atmosphere. With wooden-bench tabling, low-hanging bulb lights and great hospitality, it's no wonder this Aussie-style café is every Londoner's favourite.
  2. Workshop Coffee - Clerkenwell, Ftizrovia, Marylebone, Holborn - Gradually sprawling its way into every London neighbourhood, this humble coffee bar is sleek, sophisticated and simple in every way.
  3. The Grind - Shoreditch, Soho, Covent Garden - One of my favourite independent coffee shop chains (which also includes restaurants in Holborn, Clerkenwell, London Bridge and Royal Exchange). I've only ever been to the Soho ad Covent Garden joints, but every member of the family is on my bucketlist. Their coffee and food offerings are second to none - definitely a must-visit.
  4. The Black Penny - Covent Garden - Featuring on the top of my bucketlist for its lust-worthy interiors and incredible range of delicious food, this café is a low-cost, high-quality kinda' place. I'm dying to try the Pennsylvania-Dutch-style apple pie. Yep, you read it right.
  5. Palm Vaults - Hackney - Probably one of London's most-instagrammed coffee shops for its 70's Miami-style interiors and infamous pink lattés. This cute café has a weekly-changing plant-based menu and rich, hearty coffee.
  6. The Attendant - Fitzrovia, Shoreditch - Formerly a gents' toilets during the nineteenth-century, The Attendant happens to be one of London's most-loved coffee shops, despite it's rather peculiar location. Expect impressive coffee, with a spectacular food menu too (I've heard their brunch is a good rival to any New-York chain).
  7. Hej Coffee - Bermondsey - Also top of my bucketlist, Hej is an extremely popular spot for coffee. Swedish décor saturates the room, with a wooden ‘moose head’ on the wall and wooden barn–like walls. 
  8. Ozone Coffee Roasters - Shoreditch - Kiwi-owned Ozone is a major hit amongst coffee-loving Londoners. And it's hard not to understand why - coffee isn’t confined to espresso and its offshoots; there’s a daily changing pair of ‘slow-brew’ specials, and the expertly roasted beans show well with this treatment.
  9. Fabrique - Hoxton - Featured in Vogue Magazine as one of London's top coffee shops/ bakeries, Swedish Fabrique is the place to visit for a fresh and delicious bite to eat washed down with a beautiful, steaming coffee.
  10. The Tin Shed - Notting Hill - This Artisan bakery and café is a firm favourite amongst the Notting Hill crew. I can't wait to try this spot soon.
And there you have it! There are so many beautiful and inspiring coffee shops in London. You're never far from a good brew.

Do you have any coffee shop recommendations around the world?


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