Thursday, 20 October 2016

What's In My University Handbag:

This is such a classic lifestyle blogger post, and although I tend to steer clear of things like Get Ready With Me and general product reviews, I couldn’t help myself with this one – I love seeing what’s in other people’s handbags. It’s just so fun and nosey, isn’t it? So since I've just begun university, I thought it would be fun to take you guys on a rummage around the handbag I take everyday with me to LCF. In all honesty, this isn't edited at all as I'm usually quite OCD when it comes to old receipts or food wrappers lying around - so the cleanliness you see is totally genuine. Without further ado, let's dive in...

Handbag: Accessorize

  1. A4 Project Book with dividers - This is a great pad for holding all of my university notes. It's pretty large and chunky I'll admit, but I'm sure I'll use every page come the end of term. The dividers allow me to organise my notes into my different lectures and seminars too.
  2. Reporter's Pad - An essential for a journalism student, this is where I write all my shorthand Teeline notes in class.
  3. A book for the commute - I mostly listen to music on my headphones on the Tube, but often I find myself wanting a break from noise and reaching for a book to read. Currently I'm reading a recommended book my lecturers, Writing For Journalists by Wynford Hicks, which is very insightful and interesting.
  4. Headphones - Music means so much to me so any chance to listen to a good playlist and I'm there (here's what I'm listening to this month). I'll usually listen to music on my walk to and from stations, and often actually on the Tube too. I love these ones from Urbanears. The sound quality is amazing and they fold up super small making them handbag friendly.
  5. Oyster card - Without it, I would be nowhere.
  6. Purse - For all them coffees to get me through 9am lectures.
  7. Pencil case - I love this one from Cath Kidston. Not only is it in a beautiful print, but it fits just a couple of pens which is all I need.
  8. Essentials wallet - Not its official name, but I had no idea what to call this! This purse is also from Cath Kidston and it basically carries all my little essentials for the day - from hand sanitizer, to tissues to lipstick. In the front pocket, I also have my USB and my house keys. It's lightweight, compact and small enough to just chuck in any handbag in a rush.
  9. A water bottle - I am one of those people that are permanently thirsty, so a bottle of water at hand is always much needed.
  10. Academic diary - I often bring this in my bag but I don't tend to if my bag is super heavy. I keep this diary for jotting down my timetable, keeping on top of independent study/ homework and so on. On days I don't bring it, I quickly type whatever I need to on the notes in my phone.
And then I may often bring along my laptop with me (I have a beautiful case from here), my camera, umbrella ('s London) and lunch.

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed something a little different today and having a nosey around my bag. Cheers to the almost-weekend!

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