Sunday, 9 October 2016

Flowers and Florals, Notting Hill

After a morning of university lectures, my friend Sarah and I hopped on the tube to my favourite London neighbourhood, Notting Hill. After being stuck inside all morning, we were itching to get outside into the crisp autumnal air. And boy, it was a chilly and windy one this day, but alas this did not stop us gazing at the beautiful flora on display at the Wild At Heart Florist. Every flower was either in a roaring shade of red or burnt orange - it was an incredible, vibrant sight.

I don't doubt for a second that you've all seen this turquoise-tiled spot, which nestles itself in the middle of two roads, at least once on Instagram. That being said, this florist doesn't favour style over substance - their seasonal blooms are second to none and are even on offer at Liberty's department store (also another Instagram hotspot!).

But hey, I'll be biased towards anywhere selling a beautiful hydrangea.

I knew the minute I snapped up this velvet, floral-embroidered jacket from Topshop that it would become part of my quotidien attire. Thrown over my minimalist yet classic outfit of a white tee and jeans, it instantly upped the style factor and made the look more interesting. Accessorised with a choker and the look became an ode to the nineties - which, if you haven't already gathered from my Pinterest board, I love this decade. 

I'm also in love with these new Topshop jeans. I was rummaging through the 'last chance to buy' rail (almost feels like flicking through a charity shop but with not so charitable prices; you can pick up some really good finds here) and they happened to fit all of my jean dreams. I had been dying for a boyfriend/ mum-style pair of jeans for a while but I could never find a pair that fitted or flattered my body shape well. I am very petite in size and thus these baggier shaped jeans could often swamp me, though I absolutely adore them. Catch 22. Yet, I discovered that a straight leg is actually a fantastic compromise. They're looser than a skinny fit, but slimmer than a mum jean. The Topshop 'Orson' pair are super high-waisted and come in a thick, 'real'-feel denim that could rival those available at Levis.

To complete the look, I wore my trusty Gucci knock-offs for a sleek, sophisticated finish.

I'm also sporting my grey mock-croc uni bag. While I do like it, it's not a bag I would perhaps usually purchase for everyday use. Though, it does fit all of my uni essentials ('what's in my handbag: uni edition' coming soon!) and I can chuck stuff in and not care too much about it. Thus, I love it!

After a good time spent style-snapping and flower-sniffing, it was time to roam around the enviable homes of Notting Hill. I dream of one day owning a candy-coloured townhouse in this area - they are all filled with so much character and life.

It was such a beautiful day that we almost couldn't stop snapping. The golden-hour light was so photogenic and the streets of Notting Hill deserve a million photos and more. But alas, we tore ourselves away and hopped back on the train home, left eager to return.

I am wearing:
Jacket - Topshop
Top - Zara
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - Office
Bag - Accessorize
Choker - Topshop

Have you visited Notting Hill before?

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