Monday, 13 February 2012

Key Pieces to A Gorgeous Wardrobe! (Part 3)

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Plain black and white tops: Many outfits I wear include some version of a black or white top. Whether it's cotton, jersey, silk, or chiffon, it's the perfect example of what a key piece represents: it's not necessarily the stand-out item in the outfit, but it's the glue holding the entire look together without detracting from whatever the actual centerpiece may be. I've worn white and black tops tucked into floral skirts, draped over cutoffs, bloused over pencil skirts or with simple jeans. They never fail me. There are so many different styles to a plain black and white top: vests, 3/4 sleeve, long sleeve, t-shirts, scoop neck, v-neck, turtle neck, and more!

Black Heels: I own a pair of sky-high black heels that look fabulous but by the end of the night I'm walking like I have a broken toe o really need to visit...the er...restroom. So I bought a pair with a sensible heel height. They're not spectacular - but they're comfortable and therefore practical. Eventually, I managed to find something between - from that mystical land of comfortable and stunning footwear. They have a five-inch heel but come complete with a hidden platform, so they feel less intense. I love them so much I've had them re-soled twice.


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