Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Wednesday Space

Traditional white cabinetry work perfectly with the dark green soapstone counters in the home's airy kitchen. I particularly like the black stools which also work perfectly with the counter top. If this were my kitchen, I would add some quirky features like a Parisian wall clock or a chalkboard fridge and write 5 hilarious things on there. Or maybe even a splash of colour and really bring out the green from the counter top with green seat cushions on the stools. I for one would die for this kitchen, its fairly small in terms of work space but I think how the interior designer has created this room, makes the kitchen feel more spacious and airy - anyone fancy buying me this house? That would be great, thanks.                                                                  

What's the best kitchen you've ever seen? Or more importantly, what's the best bit of interior design you've seen so far this year? Share your comments in the box below, bye guys!


  1. What a great kitchen! The black bar stools are the perfect touch.

  2. Granite countertops...Stainless steel appliances and an island to cook and cut an entire Thanksgiving dinner on! I love this post and how bright the room is...Thanks for sharing...

  3. Thank you both:)

    Emma xo


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