Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tuesday Ten: Ways To Work Your Weekend Style

Sometimes with the weekends, we tend to either slip into sloppy territory or go the complete opposite direction into too dressy and uncomfortable mode. With weekend wear, opt for something casual and comfortable yet stylish and suitable for the occasion. When I say weekend wear, I mean outfits for going out shopping or brunch with the girls, something during the day and casual. I seem to always wear jeans, so just like you, I'll be getting some great tips from these outfits I've created...
Top - River Island, shoes - Topshop, jeans and blazer - both H&M, bag - Cath Kidtson 

Top and skirt - River Island, nail varnish - NARS, shoes - H&M, earrings - Topshop

Dress - Miss Selfridge, bag - Madwell, earrings and jacket - both Topshop, nail varnish - Deborah Lippmann 

What do you wear on the weekend? Please share!
P.S: there will no longer be 'Wednesday Space' as the post wasn't so popular so instead I shall create another weekly post starting next week!



  1. so lovely outfits :) i love especially the second one! it seems to be so comfy, chic and also feminine!
    great work :) will follow you, maybe you'll have a look also on my blog, dear :))



  2. Sad to say...If I don't leave the house...VS sweats! Comfy clothes...if Im' headed out...jeans and a simple tee...afterwards wishing I'd gotten dolled up a bit, you never know who you'll see. Thanks for sharing...

  3. Hay lovely,

    I think your blog is lovely and I have nominated you for a versatile blogger award.


    take care xx

  4. Wow, really? Thank you so very much!

    Thank you all for commenting:)


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