Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tuesday Ten: The Working Girl's Style Staples

All clothes and accessories from Topshop

Calling all working ladies! Get your 9 to 5 chic on with these ten style staples for Spring...
  1. Plain black dress
  2. White button down shirt
  3. Top (in a colour, print or different variation from a shirt)
  4. Black pumps
  5. Holdall bag (or tote, or any large bag to carry all your things)
  6. Black trousers
  7. Simple flats
  8. Knitted jumper
  9. Blazer
  10. Coat
Remember these are just the basics and can vary in all different styles; consider what your comfortable in, your work environment (and your position), add your style too. You also may want a pair of boots, tights, scarf, jewellery, hat, gloves and different variations of the ten style staples I have chosen for you. Remember, black is always the safest option, but its boring - show your personality and style through your clothes. There might even be a promotion in for you!

Oh, and happy Shrove Tuesday (pancake day)!


  1. Great post...I can use a little help...I have so many things in my closet and find most days I'm like, I've got nothing to wear! I just need to shake it up and try different elements, textures and colors and go with it! Could use that promotion! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Wow, great blog - now following! And thank you! Well I hope you find some amazing tips and advice from me to you.



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