Thursday, 2 February 2012

Wednesday Space

Firstly, I really apologize for writing this post a day late, its not really an excuse but I've been really busy lately so some of my daily posts are a few days late. I intend to make some free time, next week I'll be less busy anyway.

The soft and soothing color scheme is carried over into the spacious, light-filled kitchen. I love the aqua cabinets, lighting, and great built-in banquette. What a dream space! The real rustic modern twist on this kitchen is beautiful. So often we get carried away with just making our living rooms and bedrooms nice but when it comes to kitchen people tend to go for either ultra-modern or super old-fashioned. This is a classic, vintage kitchen that I think anyone would love to have inside their home. Hope you some ideas from beautiful, rustic kitchen, love to all!

P.S. Don't you just love them lights! Who knew standard silver lights could be so beautiful?!


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