Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Kensington Palace Fashion Rules Exhibition (And I Saw the Royal Baby!)

Today my sister and I went on a little adventure to Kensington Palace for an exhibition called 'Fashion Rules'. The amazing exhibit consists of the Queen's dresses from the 50's, Princess Margaret's of the 60's and 70's and Princess Diana's of the 80's. All of the dresses were presented beautifully in glass cabinets while music suited to that time period tingled in the background. We arrived to Kensington Palace in full view of millions of cameras. Of course, Kensington Palace is where Prince William, Princess Kate and the new royal baby are currently staying (we actually saw them, more on this later) and so cameras were at the ready for some action. Excuse the reasonably bad photos; it was terrible lighting and we weren't allowed flash photography.

And so it was inside to the exhibition, the Queen's wardrobe were my favourite, they were mainly made by Christian Dior and embellished beautifully.

 Below is my favourite dress, just imagine a beautiful woman at midnight waltzing in this dress. So stunning, Diana was a lucky woman!

After a thorough look at the exhibition and a relaxing walk around the pretty gardens, we randomly decided to take a walk at the back of Kensington Palace, where we knew the trio were staying. We arrived near the gate that they usually enter where we were approached by police to 'stay back'. Then suddenly two huge Range Rovers pulled up and slowly drove by. We were stunned at the fact that it was actually William, Kate and (finally we now know the name) George. They looked very happy and relaxed and were actually on their way to Kate's parents' house.

I thoroughly enjoyed today and really recommend the exhibition (who knows you might see the royals too!), particularly if you have a love of fashion or just generally love the royals. Take a look at the website here.

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