Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year! Most Popular 2012 Posts & Resolutions:

Happy New Year everyone! Cheers to a whole 'nother 365 days of 2013! My year starts off pretty miserable with three major GCSE exams but then I'm escaping to Switzerland in February for a skiing holiday, so it's going to be a good year! I would just like to say how grateful I am for all you reading this blog, I don't know where I'd be without it. It means so much when I see the pageviews go up and up. I definitely (If I say so myself...) think my blog has come on leaps and bounds since 2012. When I look back at the whole year I think, 'wow, I've improved'. Hopefully, you think the same, ha!

Here are the posts with the most views of 2012:
And now for my new years resolutions:
  • To wear more print and colour.
  • Create twitter for this blog :)
  • (I start a job in January) Work, work work!
  • Treat everyday like it's my last, 'live life to the fullest'.
  • Look after my skin better.
  • Do more yoga.
  • Focus on school work and study hard for exams!
  • Look after my hair more but cut down on the time I spend styling!
Cheers to a fresh start! Love you guys :)


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