Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Tuesday Ten: Christmas Hairstyles to Try...

Christmas is one of those times when you want to look your very best. The dresses come out, the lippy goes on, the heels clip-clop along. But hey, it's no good dressing your best, what about your hair? To give you some ideas, her are 10 hairstyles to try for Christmas time...

  1. One-sided (pull your hair to one side a la Jessica Alba)
  2. Retro waves
  3. Au natural (embrace your natural hair)
  4. Fedora + plait = Uhhhhh-mazing
  5. Ombre, beachy waves (the style of 2012)
  6. Halo braid
  7. Knitted headband/turban
  8. Loose bun
  9. Neat ponytail (with the tail bit messy!)
  10. Half-up half-down
Enjoy! You might want to try these before Christmas day like a trial :) Speak soon!


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