Friday, 28 December 2012

On My Shopping List: Grey Boucle Jacket

This coat is the new 'Litas' (remember those?) for bloggers and celebrities like Emma Stone and Miranda Kerr. I for one am loving it. There's a sense of masculinity about this jacket and it's cross-way between a motorcycle jacket and an oversized blazer. It's smart yet edgy, preppy yet retro. If your not into the androgynous trend then simply team the jacket with a peachy coloured top and burgundy skinnies and ankle boots. Or, if you are, then team it with ankle boots/ creepers, skinny jeans, a white tailored shirt and a fedora.  Here are some high street versions, it's surprising how many there are...

(From left to right)
  1. Zara Fantasy Fabric Cape, £69.99
  2. Zara Boucle Knitted Jacket, £49.99
  3. Topshop Zip Biker Jacket, £79.99
  4. ASOS PU Biker Coat, £95.00
  5. Urban Outfitters Lux By Sara & Aimee Berman Grandfather Coat, £70.00
  6. Urban Outfitters Cooperative Gold Boy Jacket, £50.00
  7. Urban Outfitters Won Hundred Factory Cocoon Coat, £200.00 
UPDATE (30/12/12): I bought one! Its from Zara but non of the above, I'll show a picture of it later :)


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