Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Latest Style Crushes: Miroslava Duma and Hanneli Mustaparta

Hanneli Mustaparta

Miroslava Duma
I've been lurv-ing these two beautiful ladies lately. Their fashion really, really inspires me and hopefully will reflect on my style! Miroslava is a former Russian Harpers Bazaar editor but is now a freelance writer and founder of style at website Buro 24/7. Her style is bold, retro, eclectic and fashion-forward (Above are my favourite looks from her). Whereas, Hanneli (Norwegian), who is a photographer, fashion blogger, stylist and former model, prefers looks that are slightly less bold and rather than focusing on print, she focuses on colour and proportion. What I love most about the both of them, is how I've never seen anybody dress like them. Not even Olivia Palermo. Yes, really. I appreciate style that is new, original, unique but not too fussy and high-fashion. Sometimes fashion-forward trendsetters can be, well, a bit like this. These girls have taught me to never be afraid of colour and bold prints, to mix your personal style with current trends and that you should wear clothes not let the clothes wear you (don't be too out there).

Who are your latest style crushes? Happy Boxing Day! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas - I sure did! I might do a post of what all my presents were, let me know what you think :)

Oh, and check out this - it's on how to pose in front of the camera a la Hanneli Mustaparta style, its really interesting, bye guys!


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