Monday, 17 February 2014

The Best Concealer's of All-Time...

There's something I've been keeping from you all. You see, I've got an addiction that I really should consult a Doctor about. I'm a conceal-a-holic. We've had this relationship for quite some time now, and I don't intend in calling it off until my skin clears up. A light slick of foundation simply isn't enough; the need for extra concealer to hide those pesky dark circles or bright, red pimples is extremely high.

I've gone through my fair share of concealers, to say the least. It's probably what I spend most of my time researching, buying and fussing over. I've gone from drugstore to drugstore, counter to counter and I think I've finally found my favourite ones. Here they are!

Benefit Cosmetics Erase Paste
The number-one under-brightener's for me - I have very dark blue/purple circles underneath my eyes but the second I swipe this on they're long gone. It has a beautiful salmon-pink colour that instantly contracts the blueness of dark circles. It has a very creamy texture that makes it very easy to use and it lasts all day. The packaging is great and the product lasts forever. A serious recommendation.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer
Perfect for either under-eyes or blemishes; personally I love it for dark spots/acne scars. It has a slightly pinky undertone, making it perfect for lightening the purple-grey scars that blemishes leave behind. The creamy but stubborn texture lasts all day without slipping and sliding everywhere. It has great, buildable coverage and a perfect colour-match too (I'm shade 'Ivory'). I've repurchased this product about 2 or 3 times and absolutely love it. This is probably my favourite of them all; it's just an outstanding product that I couldn't live without.

M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer
The best concealer for bright, red spots that just won't disappear underneath light foundation. The strong yellow-tone counteracts redness, making blemishes, spots or areas of redness instantly disappear. The high-coverage makes spot-concealing a whole lot quicker when I'm in a rush too.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer 
A serious cult concealer; every beauty blogger, vlogger or makeup guru out there has one. The only liquid concealer I trust is this one; for it's high coverage, matte-finish, perfect colour-match and lasting-power. Unfortunately, they've upped the price because the 'hype' which really puts me off buying it, but for only £4.19 I cannot resist. Great for under-eyes, redness or spot concealing.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Under-Eye Concealer Kit
Conceal and set in one portable kit. What more could you ask for? It blends easily to instantly cover, lift and brighten dark circles. It also helps maintain skin's moisture levels for a smooth, virtually line-less look. The fuss-free pressed powder sets concealer for long-lasting wear, and with the slight yellow-tone, it counteracts any blue or slight red puffiness under the eyes. Amazing for on-the-go touch-ups throughout the day. I use this under my eyes when the circles aren't so dark (if they're really bad, I'll resort to the Benefit Erase Paste). 



  1. Loving this concealer guide, especially because I am ALWAYS on the lookout for the newest and best! I literally have tons of sticks and pots sitting in my makeup drawer so I think I'm with you on the being a concealer junkie. Also, loving your blog!

    Dana Ivy - Check out my blog!

    1. Ah thank you SO much! Love you blog too! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Replies
    1. Wow AMAZING blog! Thank you!

  3. I have a ridiculous concealer stash! Never tried the Bobbi Brown though and I always hear such wonderful reviews. Excellent post! X

    1. Haha, I would really recommend it - it's my fave by far! Thank you so much! Great blog!

  4. Great post! Concealers are so hard to get right!

    1. They really are! Thank you!

  5. I've always wanted to try the Bobbi Brown one and now I think I definitely will!

    The Cassie Paige


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