Saturday, 8 February 2014

Sneak Peak: My Prom Dress!

Look at that amazing photography; I do apologise for such terrible quality. My prom isn't until June, but as my final exams begin in April, I wanted to get all the 'prom stuff' out of the way so I can focus on hard-core revision *cue huge tantrum*. There are only few occasions in life when lots of people come together and really make an effort to dress up; prom is the baby beginner of those occasions.

Today I bought my prom dress which is very exciting! I was originally going to buy this prom dress, after being in such awe over this instagram picture. I was a bit afraid that the extra pale peppermint may wash me out. So I was especially excited when I saw this beautifully, elegant Coast maxi dress for only £75. You heard me. A whole 100 smackaroonies off the original price tag. Personally, I think it's better to buy your prom dress way in advance, as old season prom dresses go in the sale before the new ones come in; just like this one.

I really love this dress, I think it really suits my complexion and hair colour; all of which I was afraid the mint one may wash out. I'm thinking of teaming it with a messy, low chignon and silver clutch (which I've had lurking around my house for ages, I think it's from Accessorize). Plain nude/silver pumps will make the perfect addition too.


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