Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Tuesday Ten: February Style Inspo...

I am desperate for Spring to arrive. The run up to Christmas was all exciting; there was shopping to be done, we had something to look forward to and most importantly there were fairy lights everywhere. January passed in a sort of grey haze. February however is a different matter. I'm much more optimistic about this little month; we can finally start looking forward to spring! (Not to mention my birthday is next month!) Before I dive head-first into all the pastel coloured, petal hued springtime fashions; today we'll look at inspiration to help us with the transition of winter to spring. 

There you have it. Layering up with a leather jacket, switching boots to printed flats and a lighter colour palette are all things that will help banish the winter blues and foresee spring without looking like a walking Easter-egg!

What was your most-worn item in January?


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