Tuesday, 24 May 2016

12 Things I Love About London.

I love calling London my home. The thriving city is filled with so much to see, do and explore. There's something to discover or stumble upon around every corner. And despite Londoners being tagged as 'stuffy', 'moaners' or a tad grumpy, it truly is a city filled with so much happiness and celebration. So in honour of the city I reside in, I thought I'd write a little about why I love it so much.
  1. The opportunities on offer
  2. The amount of things to do/ see, places to eat/ shop
  3. The buzz and lively energy that engulfs the city
  4. The array of styles - everyone is so individual
  5. It's only a train away from Paris (and pretty close to most Eurpean countries)
  6. There are plenty of green spaces
  7. There's always events going on and things to do
  8. The dreamy homes (but not the prices!)
  9. The West side is glamourous and sophisticated, while the East is hip and cool, making London the perfect place to explore for just about anyone
  10. Everything's pretty much in walking distance
  11. It's beautiful! And very Instagram-worthy
  12. Although Londoner's love to have a whinge about it, the Tube is always efficient and clean

Of course, there are so many more reasons why I love London (and a few reasons why I don't). But perhaps if you're thinking about taking a trip to London, maybe these positive points will make you all the more inclined! 

Also, while we're on the subject of London, perhaps check out my Neighbourhood Guides that I've curated. These list all of the best places to eat, drink and dance, and things to do and see in specific London neighbourhoods.

-Covent Garden...and plenty more to come!

Have you been to London before? If so, what are your favourite things to do in the city?

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