Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Perfect Summer Pj Set

I'm a sucker for beautiful pyjamas. Yet, my adoration for delicate, silky and elegant evening-wear has only manifested itself within the last few months. My floral Marks & Spencer Rosie For Autograph pjs I was gifted at Christmas were the catalyst to all things satin and two-pieced. Before then, I'll admit, it was a shameful case of 'old ripped t-shirt and unmatching pyjama bottom' syndrome. This summer, I rather quickly nabbed my sister's slinky pj set from Lavish Alice, and upon noticing how comfortable and care-free I felt in them, I promptly declared them mine (sorry sis!).

This black and white starred polkadot two-piece of a crop top and high-waisted shorts rarely departs from my body when the sun shines (yeh, when the sun shines in London). Though, this set remains perfect even when a chunky knit is slung over the shoulders come the sun descending or when a gentle evening breeze picks up. If I've won you over and you're rather likening to the purchase of this adorable summer pj set, be sure to grab it quick as it's in the sale (for a mere £18 for both - bonus!). Happy shopping!

This post is NOT sponsored by Lavish Alice - just got a whole 'lotta love for these pjs!

You can buy the top here, and the shorts here.

What pyjamas/ loungewear do you usually wear during summer?

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