Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Five Things I'm Looking Forward To This Summer

My summer officially starts on Friday after finishing my A-Level exams, where I'll have a rather blissful four months off until I start university in September. So with all of that free time I've made some pretty cool and exciting plans that I simply can't wait to commence. Here are five things I'm certainly looking forward to this summer...

1. My sister's graduation

2. Holidays to Barcelona, Switzerland and Paris

3. Exploring more of London

4. Reading Festival

5. Relaxing with my favourite people

...and definitely blogging more! I can't wait to finally immerse and devote myself fully to this blog. No more 'filler' posts that take me ten minutes to write, no more dodgy photography - but better quality posts that you'll enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed producing. Cheers to a hella' good summer!

What are your plans for this summer so far?

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