Sunday, 21 December 2014

10 Places I'd Love to Spend Christmas...


1. Norway - Beautiful every time of the year, Norway is the perfect place to cozy up for Christmas. Filled with rustic local markets, Northern Lights (a must-see!) and singing children - this is as close as you'll get to that picture postcard adventure.

2. Canada - Did you know that Canada boasts the most generous gift givers? Now you do! From holiday shopping and presents for the Prime Minister to favourite movies and letters to Santa, Canada offers a truly festive experience.

3. New York - Need I explain or persuade? 

4. Zermatt, Switzerland - I've spent several Christmas' here and it's safe to say I could spend it here every year. But then again, you all know my love for this place so of course I'm biased! Zermatt, renowned for it's thick, luscious snow, vintage chalets and superb cuisine - this is my ultimate place to spend Christmas! Just look at the Matterhorn, the snow, the village...ahh!

5. Paris - Again, I don't think you need persuading on this one!

6. Rome, Italy - Rome is a top Italian city to visit during the Christmas holiday season and the place where the celebration of Christmas originated. The first Christmas mass was said at the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore and the earliest known permanent nativity was created for the Rome Jubilee in 1300. Enjoy the Piazza Navona market, or see the humongous tree stand tall in Saint Peter's Square.

7. Stockholm - Whether you enjoy a traditional or contemporary Christmas, Stockholm has something to offer you. Experience a Christmas market, have some glögg and ginger bread and go shopping under the beautiful Christmas decorations that light up the city every year.

8. Aspen, Colorado - If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, Aspen is the spot for you. Not only does Aspen offers the opportunity to ski down snow blanketed mountains, the town also hosts a series of incredible holiday music events and decorations.

9. Florida - Although I'm not personally a big fan of a warm Christmas, I know many people are - but I would love to see Disney World during the festive season. You can’t get any more laid back than Florida. Warm temperatures, beautiful beaches, and crowds of people who know how to have fun.

10. Home - London!

Where are you spending Christmas 2014? Merry Christmas!


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