Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Get Ready With Me: Christmas Birthday Bash...


Yesterday was my sister Jess' 20'th birthday! To celebrate, we headed to a nearby luxury hotel for lunch. We dressed up all fancy and rushed out the door. But first - get ready with me!

To begin with the makeup I applied a new (to me) primer. I really like it; it feels like half-way between a moisturiser and a primer, which I rather like.

Then a quick buff of Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Nars Creamy Concealer. Specific spot concealing is later.

For brows, I turned to my trusty pencil, whilst the eyes were dolled up in this, finished with mascara.

To inject colour and life into my pale face, I faked a glow with Bourjois Blusher in Rose D'Or, and Body Shop Honey Bronzer.

I wanted to come back to specific spot concealing for now, as the foundation has had time to set therefore the concealer will last much longer - a great tip for oily skinned ladies like me! I dusted a little powder to reduce shine.

Et voila! Now for hair, I washed it the night before with this and this. I LOVE these two - I can't wait to do a review in the New Year!

After brushing my hair, I quickly straightened a few unruly pieces. Then, a quick dab of Lee Stafford Argan Oil, L'Oréal Everstrong Texturising Spray (as amazing as all of the range - but unfortunately not sold anywhere online!), and Percy & Reed Wonder Balm. My hair was left silky smooth, with lots of texture and volume.

^ Those sexy concentration faces though...Now for the dinner! It was absolutely gorgeous, and 3 courses for a whopping £25 each, with a cocktail, cracker, coffee and mince pie included! Here's the hotel website.

The birthday girl!


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