Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Recap of 2014...

2014 has sure been a good'un. Don't we all say that, but I honestly think this year has been pretty huge for me. Without sounding like a cliché - I've definitely grown as a person. I've really 'found myself' and feel much more confident due to the past few months. And I put that down to starting sixth form. I'm so glad I've graduated from high school; sixth form is much more independent. It allows you to be you. I love all my subjects and have made some lovely friends. But earlier in the year, there was a lot of fun to be had; Taylor Swift concert, prom, my annual holiday etc. I've really been able to relax and chill, and I guess maybe that's why I understand a little bit more about me. Anyway, enough cheesy business. Here's a few snaps of 2014!

Taylor Swift concert in January
Celebrating my birthday and Mother's Day

My school prom
I met ViviannaDoesMakeup and Lily Pebbles!

I got to travel to the wonderful Italy!
Enjoying the last of summer

Visiting the Tower of London poppies
The beginning of the festive season
Having fun at the end of the year

A big thanks to everyone who flicked through, read, followed or commented on my blog this year! You are all very special people! Happy New Year - may next year be bigger and better!


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