Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Your Holiday Travels Made Easier...


Going somewhere this Christmas? Are you seeking summer sunshine or a cosy ski lodge? Either way, I'm very jealous! Overcrowded airports and jam-packed bus terminals will be the name of the game from now on. Sadly, teleportation doesn't exist yet. So, you'll be faced with the usual dilemmas: endless delays, traffic jams, crying babies and swarms of people infringing upon your personal space. Whether you're flying across the country to visit your family or catching a train homeward, you have to get to your destination somehow. But, there is a way to make your journey just as enjoyable and exciting as what's waiting at the other end. (Okay, maybe that's a stretch, but we can dream, right?). Below, I've rounded up solutions to all your problems to make travelling during the holidays a million times more bearable. Bon voyage! 

The Situation: You've just received the notice that your flight is delayed for five hours due to a heavy snow storm. You're stuck: you've already swept the shelves in Duty Free clean, dined in the cafés, and caught 50 winks - now what? Sit around? No thank you. 
The Solution: There's two options here: 1.Buy yourself a big ol' cup of coffee, plug in you earphones and stick your head in a few magazines OR, wine and dine yourself, (or with your company), in a fancy pants restaurant. It'll start your Christmas travels off with a momentous start.

The Situation: You're inching through that annoying security line, trying to take off your shoes while maneuvering three cases and remembering to take the change out of your pocket. But want to make the time go quicker?
The Solution: Avoid outfits with big metal belts that will set off the machines or lace-up boots that will take forever to untie. Get a couple of ziplock plastic bags and put anything metal - car keys, loose change, phone, money, jewellery etc. - into the bags and keep them in your carry-on. After you’ve taken off your shoes and removed your jacket, you can breeze right through the metal detector and not hold up anyone else on line.

The Situation: Time to kill, questionable amounts of luggage, and most importantly, uncomfortable seats that make it basically unbearable to sit for a long length of time.
The Solution: Leave the Louboutin's at home and instead opt for these - your ballet slippers made cooler. Also a good idea: a slouchy jumper, comfy jeans and of course, an eye mask!

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Are you staying at home for the holidays like me, or travelling somewhere? Safe travels and Merry Crimbo!


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