Thursday, 4 December 2014

If You Put One Thing On Your List this Christmas...


Remember those Christmas' where the entire living room floor was covered in teared wrapping paper and toys galore? The older I get, the less presents I want. Sometimes you don't want a lot for Christmas, there's often just one thing you need (Mariah Carey pun intended). For me this year, I haven't scribbled down anything particularly luxurious, whereas last year I very luckily received a Barbour jacket from ol' Santa, but check out my 2014 list here. So, if you like just getting one special present, then this post is all for you. If you put one thing on your list this Christmas it should be a Prada bag, or Burberry trench or even a strappy pair of Louboutins. Enjoy...

  1. A Marchesa Gown
  2. A Black Mulberry Bag
  3. A Isabel Marant Black Bow Sandals
  4. A Studio Nicholson Grey Wool Coat
  5. A DKNY Pyjama Set
  6. A Larsson and Jennings Watch
  7. A Larkspur & Hawk Necklace

Which item above would you love to put on your list?


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