Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Hike. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

It really is like people imagine the minute the word 'Switzerland' graces their ears. Cows with bells, fresh, crisp air and mountain walks. Except yodeling - that doesn't exist out there. The only singing you'll hear will be from the crickets that nestle in the grass around you or the flutter of delicate wings from vibrantly coloured butterflies flitting past. Other than that the surroundings are peaceful, still and calm. Sunnegga, a hamlet which sits just above Zermatt, embodies this tranquillity. Our first day, as you can imagine, was incredibly relaxed up there. Click below to see more...

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On the walk back down to Zermatt, we quenched our thirst and rumbling tummies with some mountain decadence at Chez Vrony - one of the top mountain restaurants in Zermatt. Of course the luxurious food plays a significant role in this prestigious title but so do the glamorous surroundings, the buzzy ambiance and breathtaking views. Take a look for yourself...

The hike down to Zermatt from Sunnegga takes roughly two hours. Two beautiful hours filled with endless bursts of sunshine, rich pine-scented air and the gentle sound of your boots crunching against the stones that form the path. We came back feeling refreshed, revived and blissfully happy.

Our grins that reached from ear to ear carried out through dinner. I warn you, the picture below makes our hotel restaurant look very quiet - it was fairly as we like to eat quite early, but it was mainly because it was barbecue evening which requires each guest to go up the meat and fish counter to order their feast.

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After a few giggles and possibly a few glasses of bubbly, we went for a stroll around the town. It is unbelievable how busy and alive the village is at night. Young people flit from bar to bar, restaurant to restaurant, club to club. But the ambiance is still glamorous, classy and unspeakably sophisticated. It is an atmosphere that completes the day and leaves you with a rather content grin as you fall deep into sleep.

The next Zermatt photo diary will be up Friday! Be sure to come back and check it out!

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