Friday, 21 August 2015

Sun, Drinks and Goodbyes

As the sun pierced through deep shadows, we hiked our way through a forest of trees up at Furi before eventually reaching the suspended bridge. The bridge sits over a glacier and gently wobbles with each foot step - not for the faint hearted! But the thrill-seeker that I am, I was in my element. Click below to see more.

After taking in the beautiful views, we headed back down to Zermatt amongst a plethora of wildly exotic flora. But during our descent, we stopped off at Max and Greti - a beautifully exquisite restaurant that is quintessentially Swiss. 

My Nan and Grandad feasted on their homemade rhubarb tart topped with light-as-air meringue, while my sister Jess had their red wine plums with cinnamon ice cream. My mum and I happily devoured their speciality, the Napoleon, a mille feuille. 

One of the owners, Greti.

It was then time for the walk down, which was much appreciated due to our rather full tummies. We were greeted with a beautiful stream, clouds of colourful butterflies and the sweet smell of pine. 

I am wearing: Topshop top and shorts, Fjallraven Kanken rucksack

A beautiful deer! These are found everywhere in Zermatt.
Our blissfully beautiful walk came to an end and it wasn't long before it was time for dinner. As it was a Monday, we enjoyed the 'Welcome Drinks' that the hotel had presented on the terrace.

I am wearing: Zara top, Whistles bag, Topshop shoes and shorts
Jess is wearing: Zara top, River Island shorts and Office shoes

We were so incredibly sad to be leaving our second home the following morning. This was roughly our seventeenth visit to the village, so I practically grew up there. Every time we escape to Zermatt, I am filled with restless energy that just wants to explore hidden treasures or re-live fun childhood moments...I can't wait to return soon.

If you have never visited Zermatt, Switzerland then I can't recommend that you do enough!

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