Thursday, 5 April 2012

10 Steps To Fashion Blogging...

This was my backup for my Tuesday Ten! Anyway,  starting a new personal style blog? Already have a style blog but your pictures don't come out that amazing? Same thing happens here. Luckily, I have tons of tips to help me along the way. But here are my top ten tips to having amazing fashion blogger style...

After reading every point, look at the picture above - it helps.
  1. Have some attitude - The key to really getting your style across is having the right attitude. If your wearing Dr.Martens, creepers or converse in your shoot, think tough and hard attitude and try to really get that across in your photos.
  2. Shoes glorious shoes! This is really surprising how much this point really counts. Shoes complete the outfit and are the direct point of the outfit. (Look at the above picture for example) Its an accessory which everyone has to have, and if you have manky shoes your outfit will be manky whereas if you stunning shoes your outfit will instantly be beautiful.
  3. I whip my hair back and forth - Hair is a major part of looking good. There's no point having a stylish outfit with greasy hair. I know when I do my research, I'm always saying to myself  "Wow, I love her hair so much", so girls, keep your hair looking gorgeous!
  4. Background or no background? The backdrop really counts, it really finishes of the picture. Take pictures from your usual out-and-about routine or your local area. Or picture where you would wear your outfit and then go to that place. It can make a huge difference, but don't let the background be the focus point - remember that's you and your clothes.
  5. Hand on hip. Check! No, no, no. Don't pose like a celebrity or even just stand there face on to the camera. Think about the attitude (remember that?) and the background (ooh, this too!) and just pose. Sometimes its best to have a few shots where you stand there looking at the camera and a few lost in the location, the reader will instantly look at the background and really get a grip of the surroundings.
  6. I'm ready for my close-up - You may have a photographer which is good because you can direct them in the way you want. In terms of the actual shots, tell your photographer to take a couple of scenic shots, 1 with an appropriate effect (Instagram!), 2 portrait and 2 landscape (with different angles), 1 close-up, 1 far away and 1 unaware motion picture. Then pick your chosen best pictures; overall you should have a min. of 3 and a max. of 7. Personally, I think 5 is a good choice.
  7. I was born to stand out - Yes, you were. Be fashionable, stylish and whatever but be unique. Your style must be for you and no one else. So really dig deep with what your true style is. Remember, the trends wear you - you don't wear them.
  8. Flaunt what'ya mamma gave ya! Yes and no for this one. If you have amazing, long and lean legs then yes baby - show them puppies off! However, be tasteful and appropriate for your younger readers. But its up to you; show off your incredible posture with your shoulders or your washboard stomach or even your toned arms - flash'em!
  9. Break it up! Try and be different with each post, meaning, different locations, outfits, accessories, poses, attitudes but NOT your sense of style. Don't be rough and tough one post and then sweet and girly the next, just don't wear the same outfit twice in a  row etc. Mix it up, try different things and you'll get there.
  10. Get the airbush ready! Don't even go there! People will respect you more for being natural and well, real, than being fake and wanting to be someone your not. If you have a blemish that is too hard to cover with makeup then I will suggest using Photoshop to edit it out but please, don't go overboard. 
Find some amazing inspiration from these blogs: WishWishWish and Song of Style. Good luck, guys!

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