Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Tuesday Ten: My To-Do List For Summer

Summer is soon approaching and I thought it would be really fun for you guys to see what I'm planning to do in the Summer. Well, I'd love to say that I'm going to the beach in a bikini Lauren Conrad-style but here in England...that doesn't happen. So here's what I'll be doing with my umbrella...

  1. Take a boat trip down the River Thames in Windsor
  2. Visit Zurich again for four days
  3. Take a tour round Eton College in Windsor
  4. Go down to Mudeford for the day
  5. Do lots & lots of shopping!
  6. Grab a tan
  7. Put lemon juice in my hair to make it lighter
  8. Kick back and relax
  9. Watch the Olympics
  10. ...more shopping :)
What are you guys doing in the Summer? Don't forget to come back tommorow for another Paris Photo Diary.


1 comment

  1. I have sooo much I want to do this summer...

    Go back to School
    Travel to:
    North and South Carolina...

    I have friends all over the globe and would love to see them...

    Get a tan and workout! Oh yeah...and SHOP!



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