Monday, 9 April 2012

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Its rained all day today here in England, woohoo! No. Now that its April, Its going to pretty much be rain all day, everyday. April showers we call it. Dressing for April can be a little tricky, its too mild to wrap up like an Eskimo but its too rainy to wear pretty Spring dresses, so what do we do?! I've created the perfect outfits that will work for all shapes, sizes, styles and weather - they've also got beautiful colour palettes, textures and accessories. I particularly love the second one down, its totally my style - I want, want, want.
Bag, top and heels - all Topshop, umbrella - Marks and Spencer, bracelets - Free People, shorts - Alexander Wang

Umbrella - Mars and Spencer, jeans and shoes - both Topshop, scarf - H&M, top - New Look, coat - Mango

Bag and jeans - both Topshop, coat - Kate Spade, shoes - ASOS, top - H&M

Happy Easter!


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  1. Love that polka-dot for the selection...I'll take #3. Cute stuff...I know what you mean about the rain and dressing for the weather...I can't wait for summer...I miss my dresses!




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