Friday, 6 April 2012

Recent Buys...

Hey girls! Hope your weekend and Easter had a great start. I've bought hardly anything much in the past few weeks but today I was going to buy the new candy DKNY perfumes (still the apple shape though) which came with a free bag in Boots for only £36 but then I decided not to buy it just for the sake of the free bag. The scents come in Pink Macaroon, Tart Key Lime and Champagne Meringue. I was going to buy Pink Macaroon.

On my way home from Paris, there was a Bodyshop on board the ferry and treated my Mum, Sister and Nan towards some miniature body butters. I bought Olive for my sister Jess, Shea Butter for my mum and I can't remember the exact name for my Nan but it was something like meringue. I was leaving the decision all to them but I did lay my eyes on this one before they knew. And I got it: Pink Grapefruit. Its the most stunning scents and it sticks around for a long time too. It also smooths on nicely and really moisturizes the skin.

I bought a Topshop tinted lip balm yesterday as I wanted a bit of glow to my lips (without using a lipstain/stick/gloss) and they needed moisturizing, so in the end I bought this for only £4. The colour only comes in pink (I think, and just a normal lip balm) which is light and gives a beautiful glow, worth buying!

Some days I want more hair to be a bit more straight so I bought these rollers and clips to hold them in. I already had a few clips, I only needed two. Plus, these gorgeous peach jeans from Topshop are probably the best item I can't currently keep my mittens off of.

Hope everyone has a good, Easter - speak soon!



  1. I'm looking to buy some peach/pink colored skinny jeans! I love yours...the pictures in the other post are great! Makes me wanna run out and buy a pair...The local Target has them in a variety of colors...we shall see.

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Get them! Honestly, buying these beautiful jeans was one of the best items I've ever bought! They're perfect for Spring/Summer

    Emma xo


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