Thursday, 19 April 2012

Summer Trend #3: The Hot Pant with Blazers

The hot pant is back, with its high waist and short leg - I consider this as the knicker short. However, there incredibly cute for Summer. Paired with a chic, sophisticated blazer - we get juxtaposition (where two opposites are next to each other) with the relaxed, casual denim and the stiff blazer. I personally love pairing denim hot pants with blazers, its a very versatile combination! Here are three ways to wear one of Summer hottest pairings: the hot pant and blazer...

Shorts and shoes - both Topshop, blazer - ASOS, top - H&M

Blazer and shoes - both H&M, top and bracelets - Mango, shorts - River Island

Shoes, shorts and blazer - all Topshop, bag - ASOS, shirt -Jack Wills
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  1. oh gosh i really love that style!i want this clothes please?:p kisses sweetheart:)


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